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These are the main topics I have been focusing so far.

Landscape Perception
A large part of the everyday aesthetic experience for humans involves a  behavioral and emotional response to landscape. Since the selection of  habitat was crucial in our evolutionary history, research on human  habitat preference and perception is a vital area for the further  understanding of evolved aesthetic tastes. Landscape perception can be  seen as feature of evolutionary aesthetics and it seems that human  aesthetic values are rooted on both, social and  environmental  components. Empirical research covers the fields of perception,  landscape preference, behavioral and physiological reaction to the  perceived environment and individual differences in habitat preference.

Perception of Weather and Seasons
Since not only the evaluation of the physical environment but also the evaluation of weather was crucial in our evolutionary past it is most likely that the mechanisms to assess and forcast weather and seasons have a biological base. Unfortunately, with the exception of some research on the preference of flowers, there is no empirical data to support this hypothesis. In this project we try to crossreference data from weatherstations, sales data from supermarkets and interview data in order to cast some light on humans ability to forcast weather and on the influence of weather on human behaviour.

Evolutionary Webdesign
Culture and abstract thinking are the tools which made humans the masters of adaptation. These unique human traits empowered us to settle in all terrestrial habitats and to deal with all kinds of climatic conditions. Evolutionary Psychologists claim that the mechanisms of human perception are still those of a pleistocenic hunter-gatherer scanning the savannah for food and shelter. How do users of the world wide web cope with the virtual reality presented on screen and do they react to it in the same way they react to real landscapes? Today's virtual realities put human skills of adaptation to a new test.

Conditioning to Social Success
Conditioning to success is a well known phenomenon in the animal  kingdom. When two animals fight in order to gain higher status in their  group, the winner is more likely to win follow-up confrontations,  whereas the looser is more likely to loose in the future. These effect  is mediated by physiological and behavioural mechanisms and helps to  stabilize social hierarchies. Similar effects have been shown in humans  at chess tournaments and tennis championships. Again the individual  history of victories and defeats has an influence on future  confrontations. In this research project we try to cast light on how  humans success in one social group can be transferred to other groups  and on how other people recognize winners and losers and make according  adaptations to their social networks.

Completed Research Projects:

 1998 - 1999, "The Influence of Urban Environment on Reproductive Behaviour", School of Biological Sciences, Manchester.

1999, "The Use of Video and Television in Teaching", University of Manchester, School of Education.

1999 - 2000, "The Influence of Water as a Feature of Interior Design on  the Well-being of Humans in Shopping malls", MSc at the University of  Vienna.

 2001 - 2004, "Ecocity - Social Aspects of Sustainable Housing",  Department of Environmental Economics and Management, Vienna University  of Economics and Business Administration.

2002, "Mechanisms of Landscape Perception", Department of Landscape Architecture, Vienna Technical University.

2002 - 2004, "Consumer Behaviour in Shopping Malls, a Mixed Methods  Approach", Department of Retailing and Marketing, Vienna University of  Economics and Business Administration.

Publications - Research Papers

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RUSO (nèe TISCHLER), B. & ATZWANGER, K. 2000. Water - Source of  Interaction? Proceedings of the 15th Confernce of International Society  for Human Ethology in Salamanca, Spain.

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Publications: Textbooks and Teaching Material

RUSO, B. 2006: Der Körper des Menschen - Gesundheit und Soziales Teil 1. Dr Roland, Wien.

RUSO, B. 2006: Das Leben des Menschen. - Gesundheit und Soziales Teil 2. Dr Roland, Wien.

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LUXNER, M., MADER, H., RUSO, B. 2012: Leben! Naturkunde, Ökologie und Gesundheitslehre für PTS. Manz Verlag, Wien.
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